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Team takeover (TT) is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing empower network teams on the planet, helping average people to change their lives with this mind blowing, innovative and industry leading home based business opportunity. This website was specifically designed to provide powerful, proven, effective and up to date training, tools and tips on various different aspects of internet marketing and traffic/lead generation for my EN team. Here you will not only learn more about empowers products, compensation plan, background history and future goals but also how to successfully build your business with it by generating sales and prospects which is of course the difference between success and failure.

However, before we get into more juicy details on what my team can do for you, let me first explain a bit more about how the business opportunity works for those of you who do not yet know. Empower network is a direct selling company that has been spreading like wild fire, taking the net by storm and revolutionising the blogging industry ever since it’s launch day back in October 2011.

David Wood and David Sharpe are the brains behind the organisation, two highly successful, down to earth, passionate and creative internet entrepreneurs who have made it their mission to change the lives of as many people as possible. After around two years of being in business, over 150,000 people have joined the company and many are finally finding massive success, even after years of failure in the network marketing arena. In fact, in this relatively short period of time, several millionaires have already been created which is an astonishing achievement to say the least.

What’s even more inspiring about this booming company is the story behind it. Not so long ago, the two Dave’s were broke, homeless, living out of their cars and going through an everyday life struggle. Battling many challenges, they decided to break free from the tough struggle and took control of their own futures by taking action and educating themselves.

Now two highly respected, well known and trusted net millionaires, they represent hope, the impossible dream from struggle to success. They are living proof that the average person, no matter what skills or experience, really can go from zero to hero and start earning staggering amounts of income that some can only dream of.

To learn more about the ins and outs of empower network and how the business model, compensation plan, products and income opportunity actually works click here.

empower-network-tt-successAt this stage your probably wondering ”so who the hell are you?”. Well let me introduce myself, my name is Paul Strachan and I am the creator of team takeover and I’m also the founder of a website called MLM Weezi. I’m a professional search engine optimisation expert with over 5 years experience in the direct selling or also known as network marketing mlm industry.

I’m absolutely dedicated to helping the members of my empower network team to succeed by offering unique, proven and simple to follow training tips, tools, materials and everything else they could ever possibly need. By becoming a member of my team, no matter which level you decide to come in at, even the very basic, you will receive:

  • Full training, support and guidance from a leader with years of background experience (me)
  • Full access to the password protected training zone
  • Advanced search engine optimisation (SEO) training from an expert to help you to get your posts and content ranked on Google and the various other popular search engines such as Yahoo and Bing.
  • Ongoing tips, ticks and motivational insights
  • Rapid response time to burning questions or concerns
  • Training in other areas such as social media, video marketing, classified ad posting, article distribution and even offline advertising.
  • Bonus materials including a daily steps guide, training ebooks, audios and weekly emails revealing hot tips and tricks

This website will also give you detailed training on how to navigate the back office, set up your blog, access your products and of course generate sales. It’s no secret that empower network has been taking the internet by storm and growing like wild fire since the launch back in 2011. More and more people are achieving success and reaching their goals with this incredible home based business opportunity, even after years of struggle and failure.

Brief Overview Of The EN Company – Meet The Team!

The best part about the company is the fact that you will gain your own blogging platform by becoming a customer and or affiliate of EN. A blog is an essential and needed tool for SEO and generating leads. Once your new blog is up and running, from within the members only team takeover training section, you will then be shown how to:

  • Write killer content to target low competition but high searched keywords
  • Find keywords that are worthwhile ranking for by using various different tools
  • Do background research to check out and look up the competition
  • Do on page SEO to ensure your blog is optimised in order for Google to pick it up for the right keywords
  • Build powerful, unique, authority and high page rank back links to achieve higher rankings and get that edge over the competition

team-training-loginAdmittedly, search engine optimisation takes time, effort and hard work but once you are passed the learning curve, the results will be mind boggling. It’s by far the best way to generate what I like to call a passive flow of traffic and leads. Instead of you constantly searching for people to join your business, they will search for and find you. It’s well worth the time and effort in the end. The skills you will learn from within the TT training zone are ones that will help you to build any type of online business or company. Skills that you will learn once but will use for a lifetime, now that’s priceless!

OCEON-dro-empowerHowever, the excitement does not stop there, it’s only just the beginning because by joining under my team today, you will also receive several different bonus materials which will contain even more detailed training, tips and information on traffic/lead generating. When I say you will be given EVERYTHING you need to learn the tricks of the trade, I mean it. These bonuses include:

Weekly Emails

WEEKLY-emailsWhen you become a member of empower network under the team takeover, you will be given the option to subscribe to the paid members list. When you do, a series of 7 emails, sent over a period of 7 weeks will be delivered straight to your inbox. These emails will be packed with useful tips, tricks, hints and tools to help you expand your knowledge on internet marketing and online advertising.

Daily Steps Guide

DAILY-stepsThey key to success in any type of business is consistency, you need to make sure your taking action and putting in the required effort on a frequent basis while staying motivated, positive and confident. The daily steps guide will take you through some simple and straight forward promotional methods that should be completed each and every day. Altogether, they take no more than a few hours to complete and involve a broad range of effective marketing methods. This guide is ideal for helping you kick start your business and get it moving in the right direction.

Educational Ebooks

empower-ebooksIf your serious about finding success then having training on as many different aspects of internet marketing as possible is vital. As a member of team takeover, you will be given 10 top quality, information packed educational ebooks that will help you to become the dominant leader you always wanted to be. Each ebook will cover a certain/specific topic, revealing powerful hints, tips and tricks. If you ever get stuck, you can rest assured, these ebooks will help you to find a solution to any problem. No matter which level you join empower network at, even if it’s the very basic twenty five dollars, you will get all 10 ebooks .. They include:

The Ultimate Internet Marketing Guide

This ebook will help you to better understand the internet/affiliate marketing industry. It’s a starter guide for all the newbies who want to improve their knowledge on this industry.

Responsive List Building Secrets

The saying ”the money is in the list” is still a very true statement. This ebook will teach powerful list building techniques for affiliate marketers. The topics covered include: the gadgets you need, developing a high converting squeeze page, developing your brand, segment your list for better targeting and much more.

How To Create A Crap Load Of Content Fast

We all know that content is king, however, for newbies it can be difficult creating a lot of content around the same topic in a short period of time. Populating your empower blog with content on a daily basis is a must do. This ebook will cover topics such as; should you outsource writing, article structuring, mind mapping methods, creating knock out titles, inspiration and more.

Backlink Bonanza

Building backlinks to your website in order to get ranked on the search engines is also a very important part of blogging. This ebook will teach you some powerful, underground and effective ways of building high quality backlinks with as little effort as possible. Without backlinks, your blog has no chance of being ranked on the search engines above all the competition, no matter how fancy it looks. This ebook eliminates that problem.

Autoresponder Aficionado

An autoresponder is an essential tool for building your business, it allows you to capture visitors email addresses and names via small opti-in forms. This guide will take you through the whole process from setting up your autoresponder to making a capture form and embedding it onto your site.

These are just five out of the ten ebooks you will be given upon signup. Quite frankly, if I was to give a brief description of each, this page would go on all night. So in summary, the remaining bonus ebooks you will get include:

  • Blogging Crash Course
  • Email Marketing Mogul
  • Discovering the world of pinterest
  • Military minded motivation mogul
  • Skype room revenue

Advanced Targeted Traffic Training Audio’s

The last bonus for joining the empower network team takeover is a collection of over 15 audio trainings, each revealing, you guessed it, even more marketing, advertising and traffic generation techniques. Packed with juicy information, you can either sit back, relax and listen in or you can even download them onto an mp3 or ipod and listen to them while on the go.

Extra Bonuses – For Inner Circle Members

Join empower network at the higher inner circle level and receive even more bonuses from team takeover. This includes five more powerful, informative and insightful ebooks that contain nothing but pure gold content. These come in addition to all of the other tools mentioned above so long as you join the company and become part of the inner circle membership. The ebooks include:

  • Video Marketing Mayhem
  • Twitter Tornado
  • SEO Sergeant
  • Network Marketing A – Z
  • Traffic Terminal

So there you have it, a bunch of overwhelming training materials and bonuses that prove how dedicated I am in making sure you succeed with this business. With team takeover, you can be sure your joining under a sponsor who is here to help you every step of the way and actually cares about your goals. You will never be left in the dark, nor will you find yourself stuck and confused on what to do.

As soon as you get started and signed up as a paid member, an email will shorty follow (from me) containing all of the materials (mentioned above), ready to put into action immediately. This is your chance to finally find success in this industry, an opportunity to build an income online that some can only ever dream of.

The other awesome thing about having all these resources is the ability to share them with your own team and downline members. Use them as an incentive and reason for people to join your own team. Get that edge over the competition, as soon as you join and attract like minded individuals.

Keep in mind, you will also find various different pages on this website which will help you to better understand the empower network business model, products, services and company background history. After doing some basic background research, it’s not hard to see how reliable, trustworthy and legitimate this company really is. The leaders behind it, are dedicated, passionate and enthusiastic towards helping as many people as possible while also providing products and services that people actually need, use and want.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started, I’m here, ready and waiting for you!

Only $25 to get the blogging platform and $19.95 to become an affiliate reseller!

Paul Strachan



contact-paulFrequently Asked Questions

What is the empower network?

EN is a direct selling home based business opportunity which has been online and in business since 2011. Launched by two highly successful, wealthy and popular serial network marketers, David Sharpe and Dave Wood, it has now gained the reputation of being the company built for internet marketers, by internet marketers. It has a product line that stretches from a blogging platform to educational video training courses, personal/skill development audio’s and even private video hosting services. One thing is for sure, it’s product that customers and members actually USE.

How do I earn income with it?

You have two choices, you can either become a customer only or you can become an affiliate of the company. By becoming an affiliate you automatically gain the re-seller rights to all of the products and services that they have on offer. By promoting your unique referral links and capture pages, you can start earning very generous commissions each and every time someone buys the products through your links. There is no limit to how many sales you can make, which means you can literally write your own pay check.

How much can I earn?

Empower networks revolutionary compensation plan means that each and every time you sell one of their products, you actually earn a whopping 100% of the sale price. Furthermore, this is not just a one time commission, its an ongoing, monthly, residual, recurring commission. You get paid the 100% commission each and every month for as-long as the customer remains active. It’s about working hard to make the sale once but getting rewarded and paid over and over again for it.

Do I need any special skills?

Absolutely not, that’s the best part about it. Not only will the products and services that EN offer help you to learn how to start generating traffic but my team takeover, as mentioned above, has everything you could ever need. From top quality training to dedicated help and support services. There really are no more excuses, I’m here to help you every step of the way, period.

Do I need my own website?

Well as a customer of EN, you will be given your own authority blog. Furthermore, as an affiliate you have several difference capture pages and referral urls to chose from to start driving traffic to. So, no, you certainly do not need your own website. Nor do you need any special web design or site building skills.

How does the compensation plan work?

As mentioned before, you will earn 100% commission on each product you sell. The product prices range from twenty five dollars, all the way up to $3500, for a full breakdown of the pay plan, click here!

How can I be sure this company is legit?

Empower network has been online, in business and helping average people to earn incomes for nearly two years already, with many more to go. It’s a REAL company with a head office situated in Florida (USA) where a team of over 40 full time staff members work around the clock. It’s leaders and founders, the two Dave’s are known for their down to earth, honest and trustworthy personalities. Watch this videos below for a introduction to the corporate team and faces behind it!

Who are the two Dave’s?

David Wood and David Sharpe have really incredible stories to share. They were once two homeless guys living out of their cars. After years of struggle and failure, they still managed to pick themselves back up and continued to battle on to get to where they are today, their story represents the ”impossible”. Nowadays, they are known for being highly successful and creating multi millions of dollars in online sales. In fact, the skills they learned to go from nothing to millionaires are the exact same ones you learn from within the products, especially the video training courses. Watch the video below to learn more about their inspiring stories!

How long will it take to start making income?

This one really does come down to the amount of time, effort and work you put in. I cannot guarantee or promise any income as you may be the type of person who joins and does no work at all. This is not a get rich quick scheme, its a real business opportunity and just like any business, it takes hard work to build. For a full income disclosure plus an overview of the average earnings (updated daily) click here!

Can I cancel if it doesn’t work out?

Absolutely, you are in no way obligated or committed to pay your membership fee for a certain amount of time. You can cancel at any time you want, however, it would mean loosing any monthly commission you have currently built up.

Ok, how do I get started?

Simply click the button below and follow the on screen instructions to get signed up and started. Shorty after joining, you will receive an email from me which will contain a password which will give you access to the training section.

join-empower-network-buttonAttention: I am an independent distributor of EN and in no way represent or work for the company officially.


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    Hey guys, thanks for the comments, I’m glad you enjoyed the information
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    checking out the ”blog” section for useful and frequent info regarding
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    Hey Nazel, that’s cool, I remember the days of searching the net trying to weave out the good companies from the bad so I feel your pain brother. That’s a great question, in fact, one of the best so far. The great thing about this industry is the fact that you can set your own hours so it won’t affect your current job. Many people are working at empower network on a part time basis and are still gaining decent results. Obviously the less time you put in, the longer it will take to find success initially. However, eventually you will get to the point where your only working a few hours a day while still make huge income once your more knowledgeable and established later on down the line. The biggest time killer is learning the tricks of the trade as a newbie.


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